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Multilingual Search Engine Optimisation

Multilingual SEO for a Global Reach

If you work in an international market, multilingual SEO will be an essential part of your search engine optimisation process.  Although you might think English is an international language, it is only spoken by around 30% of the world’s population.


Without a multilingual SEO campaign, you will restrict your marketplace and risk your bottom line.  International SEO is a cost-effective way of promoting your company and brand globally.


If you are operating in an international arena and not taking advantage of multilingual SEO, you’re losing opportunities.  Our team here at SEO Service Pros includes multilingual search engine optimisation specialists who are skilled in international SEO.  Give us a call today on 0845 601 2237 or send us your enquiry to find out how we can help.


What is Multilingual SEO?

Multilingual SEO (or international or global SEO) is much more than a simple translation exercise.  Taking website copy written in the English language and using a standard automatic translation tool won’t optimise your site for different languages and cultures.


This is because different languages use different terms, phrases and structures.  The nuances of each language are completely different.  For example, different search terms will be needed to target the French-speaking world, compared to those used in the Indian market.


For your international SEO campaign to produce results, your chosen consultant must have a knowledge of different countries’ cultures, as well as languages and search engine optimisation techniques.


Targeting the Global Markets Using SEO

multilingual seoLocal SEO techniques are an integral part of a multilingual search engine optimisation campaign.  Large countries like China have many regions, each with their own dialects, which should be targeted individually.  These are reached using similar techniques to those employed in a UK-based local SEO campaign.


While Google might be the most popular search engine in theUK, it has a lower market share in other countries. This has to be taken into account when planning your international SEO.  Other search engines may have different criteria, all of which must be met to deliver an effective multilingual SEO campaign to ensure a return on your investment.


Would you like to develop your brand across the global marketplace?  If so, contact us here at SEO Service Pros.  Better still, call us now on 0845 601 2237 for an honest discussion on your international SEO.

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