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  How Web Design and SEO Work Hand in Hand

Posted by Kevinjcull on October 8, 2013

While there has been a bit of ‘tension’ between web designers and SEO experts over the years, the two actually result in something pretty impressive when done together!  Contrary to popular belief, a web designer’s creativity should not be stifled by SEO, or vice-versa.  What would you rather have, a website that looks great or one that ranks highly and is found by those looking for what you have to offer?  The answer should be both – and it can.

How Web Design and SEO Work in unison

Let’s talk about the synergy or ‘interaction’ between SEO and web design

What is synergy?  It’s simply the interaction or working together of two agents or services that when combined, offer a greater effect or impact than each of the services would on their own.  The fact is, when it comes to web design and SEO, each area on its own cannot perform as well as the two together. 

Look at it this way:  Great web design engages the user through quality content, graphics that are appealing, simple navigation; it entices the user to take the action you want him or her to take.  What happens when the website fails to follow effective and current SEO practises?  Fewer people will find it, because rankings will suffer – which means fewer people have the opportunity to engage with that fantastic website!  Just the opposite is true, too.  If SEO is the only focus, search engine spiders like Googlebots may find the site pleasing and thus rank it highly, but actual real people won’t find it so engaging – meaning they will likely go elsewhere.  The solution?  Equal focus given to both.

Is it possible to create a website that looks amazing and attracts the interest of the user, and at the same time ranks highly as a result of good SEO?  The answer is a definite yes.  Web designers naturally want to create a site for clients that is engaging, well-designed, sometimes colourful, one that offers elegance, professionalism, tranquility – whatever the client’s industry calls for.  On the other hand, with most SEOs it’s the keywords, content, and page optimisation that’s most important – the things that aren’t really all that attractive. 

One way to have the best of both worlds?  Webfonts

Typekit, Google, and Font Deck are a few of the webfonts that make it possible to design a website that is stylish and visually appealing yet still easily crawlable by search engine spiders.  Think of the banners, calls to action and other graphical elements web designers commonly use to enhance user experience and engage visitors.  In most cases, the information presented in the graphical element is simply too much to put in an alt-tag.  This can often be solved by using a combination of CSS (cascading style sheets), HTML, and webfonts.  This allows the web designer to maintain the attractiveness and appeal of the website, while the SEO benefits as well as any text elements within the banner or call-to-action will be created as “live text.”

Ultimately, the best results can be obtained when an SEO professional and web designer work in unison, which is why it’s important that those who work in these two fields of online development learn to appreciate how essential the other’s requirements are.  Better yet, many companies today have a team of web marketing experts who each have different talents, making it possible for a single service provider to focus on both the web design and SEO aspects of building an effective, great looking website.

At SEO Service Pros we design websites with an SEO focus, so you enjoy a beautiful, functional website both visitors and search engines will find fascinating!  Contact us today for all of your web design and SEO needs.

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