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  How Web Video and SEO Work in Unison

Posted by Kevinjcull on October 2, 2013

For years, most marketers and even search engine optimisation firms focused on content – and particularly keyword optimisation – for obtaining a high ranking for websites.  Keywords were of the utmost importance not only on-page, but in meta tags, page titles, even as anchor text in inbound links.  What does web video have to do with SEO, and why should you care? 

How Web Video and SEO Work hand in hand

Web video has been gaining in popularity over the years, and today one aspect of performing effective SEO is optimising your website with rich content media.  Web video is one such media that offer plenty of benefits, some of which we will talk about below.

What effect do web videos have on SEO?  For one, when your visitors are interested in a video that’s informative or engaging, they remain on your site longer.  Since Google takes into consideration how long visitors remain on your pages, this is important!  Ultimately, your bounce rate decreases, which means your website will look more attractive in terms of quality to the search engines.

Now, here’s how to ensure your web video supports your SEO efforts:

Check the quality of your content.  Just like written text, web videos should be informative, relevant to your target audience, and rich with content.  Keep it brief, and make it memorable.

Use a catchy title.  Just like with a page title or blog post title, your title should contain a relevant keyword or phrase that’s tightly woven with your brand or service.  Use those keywords your target audience would most likely use when searching for your product/service, but remember – MAKE YOUR TITLE APPEALING!

Limit its length.  For the most impact, keep your web video as brief as possible, preferably five minutes or less.  On YouTube, users generally spend about one and a half minutes viewing a video, so get to the point in a way that is engaging and captures the interest of the viewer.

Give your video a ‘boost’ when it comes to going viral.  When others who view your web video have access to coding that enables them to embed your video on their own blog or website, it can result in shares and backlinks that are valuable in terms of SEO.

Link from your videos back to relevant pages.  Videos on Vimeo, YouTube and other sites are useful for building links into your pages.  Link from the videos you place on these sites to the pages on your site containing relevant content or videos.

Share it everywhere.  Once you’ve produced a great video, share it anywhere and everywhere!  Share it on Facebook and Twitter, with your email contacts, on your blog.  When content is really engaging or informative (even in video format) you can bet it will be shared further by those you share it with.

To sum it all up, content is content whether written out as text or in a web video.  Make sure yours stands apart, and consider the tips above so that your video marketing efforts enhance and support search engine optimisation.

At SEO Service Pros, our expert team specialises not only in SEO, web design, and internet marketing, but in web video production as well.  We understand the connection between video content and boosting your search engine rankings and targeted traffic!  Contact us today, and let us take your marketing efforts to a successful and exciting new level.

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