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  Conversion Rate Optimisation Made Simple

Posted by Kevinjcull on September 30, 2013

Regardless of what type of business you are in, it is important that your website converts well.  Whether you have an ecommerce store or other website, the primary purpose of your site is to convert users to qualified prospects or buyers.  In this article we will discuss conversion rate optimisation, or in other words how you can properly optimise your website so that you enjoy higher conversion rates.

CRO made simple

First of all, consider the mindset of your potential customer

In conversion rate optimisation it is essential that you understand your customer’s mindset, what they want, and how you can persuade them that you have the solution.  Many website owners make the mistake of talking about their own company – how great the service is, level of experience, how many years in business, etc.  What customers really want to know when they arrive at your website is how you can help THEM.  Answer the question “What’s in it for me?” and you will be one step closer to getting your visitor to take the action you want him or her to take.  Make sure your messaging is effective; determine the type of message that will be most effective for prompting the user to take action.

Measure how your website is currently performing before beginning a conversion rate optimisation campaign

If you have no idea how your website is currently performing in regards to conversion rate, you will also have no idea whether the steps you take to increase conversions are effective.  You can determine your website’s performance fairly easily on your own, however it’s even simpler if you use Google Analytics to determine how many visitors are arriving at a particular page on your site, and how many make a purchase, sign up for your newsletter, or take the action you want them to take on that particular page in a given time period

Make smart use of content in conversion rate optimisation

Today, content is king in almost every aspect of marketing, web design, SEO and more.  When creating content for your website, make sure your calls to action are placed in a prominent area on your page, surrounded by compelling content.  A website will convert at a higher rate with both engaging, informative content and a design that is visually appealing or impressive. 

Include case studies if it applies to your industry or niche.  Again, content is critical in certain situations for enjoying higher conversion rates.  If it applies in your case, include case studies in your conversion rate optimisation campaign.  Potential customers are often hesitant to make a purchase, afraid that their money will be wasted.  Providing case studies which highlight a few of your previous (or current) clients and how your product/service has benefited these customers will instill a sense of trust in prospective customers.  To increase conversions even more, include a video or other visuals such as whiteboard animation video.

Build trust in your company, services and/or products.  “Trust” badges do just that for your visitors – they instill trust, which is hard to gain on the internet considering all of the schemes on the web today.  Displaying a badge such as the Verisign, BBB or GeoTrust badge will ensure that visitors to your website feel more comfortable and assured of a good experience.

Testimonials, the appearance and wording of a headline, the placement of an image – all of these things can affect how well your website converts.  There is no one “magic bullet” in conversion rate optimisation.  It’s usually a matter of trial and error, analysing each time you make a change, and testing again!  Definitely worth the time and effort when you want your website to perform it’s job, which is to convert visitors into buyers or qualified leads.

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