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  Is SEO Still as Important in 2013 As It Once Was

Posted by Kevinjcull on September 27, 2013

Considering all of the changes over the past year or so with Google, namely Panda and Penguin, many people are curious as to whether SEO is still important, or if perhaps it’s a ‘fad’ that has fallen by the wayside.  The short answer is yes, SEO is still as important as ever – it’s simply a matter of how it is approached today.  Is it a bit more difficult?  Absolutely.  But it is still essential if you want your company, services, or products to be found online by your target audience.

Importance of search engine optimisation in 2013

In a world where social sharing seems to have taken over, it’s important that companies realise that focusing on a single tactic is not the best way to enhance visibility and enjoy higher search engine rankings.  When you want to be found on the internet, it is not a case of one tactic versus another; you should focus on several tactics to enjoy the best results.  That being said, SEO is still a tactic you must include in your online marketing strategy, because people still use search every day!

Here are some of the differences in how SEO works today, and glimpses of yesterday:

In years gone by, implementing search engine optimisation was a bit simpler.  Optimise your website pages with keywords, do the same for meta tags and page titles, choose a good domain name, and try to gather as many inbound links as possible.  While this isn’t an all-inclusive description, it covers the basics of SEO in the “old” days.

What’s different today?  Nearly everything.  We mentioned earlier that it’s more difficult today than it was just a year or two ago, and it is.  Today, effective SEO means providing relevant results to those in search of your products and services.  Google in particular wants to deliver the best possible results to users, which does not include websites that are basically stuffed with keywords and otherwise useless in terms of information and engaging, relevant content.

Previously, many “black hat” tactics were used in SEO, which essentially means marketers (and unfortunately, some search engine optimisation firms) resorted to tactics that were a bit underhanded to quickly achieve high search engine rankings that did not last for the long term.  Google quickly caught on to these tricks, which today would likely result in your website being penalised.

What does today and the future hold for SEO?

The most important component of effective SEO today is quality, original content that engages the reader in some way, whether it is informative, humourous, even controversial.  This is content that provides the answer to the user’s search query.  Content, whether in the form of text or video, is widely shared through blogs and social media, which enhances the effect of search engine optimisation.

In the future it’s highly likely that SEO will focus on two primary areas:  social media and blogs.  Google loves blogs because they continually offer readers fresh content, and they’re optimised with relevant keywords.  If you have a great blog, fans and followers on your social media networks will gladly share your posts, which only further enhances the SEO benefits.

Whether you are a company trying to determine whether you need a professional SEO firm to implement a campaign to improve ranking and online visibility, or a marketer trying to decide whether it’s really important, remember one thing.  SEO is not dead, and never will be!

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