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  Keyword Research & Why You Should Include Long Tail Keywords

Posted by Kevinjcull on August 23, 2013

Keyword research is an essential component of any online marketing campaign, in fact THE most important element.  Without effective keywords, you cannot attract targeted visitors.  On the internet, everything begins with words typed into a search box.  Recently, long tail keywords have made a resurgence and should be considered when choosing the key terms and phrases that will bring you the right kind of traffic.

Inclusion of long tail keywords

Ultimately, whether you choose the “right” keywords can make the difference in whether your website fails or is successful.  First and foremost, it’s important that you determine the value of a keyword or search phrase.  Sure, you may have an online store that sells women’s clothing, but if you only sell clothes for petite women, then the keyword phrase “plus-size women’s clothing” isn’t going to do you much good.  So, how can you determine the value of keywords?

First of all, ask yourself if when the search term or keywords are keyed in by a searcher, will your website offer the solution that the searcher is looking for?  Is it possible that the keywords used will result in a new lead or sale for your company? 

Next, it’s important to know if the keyword is a “buying” keyword, and how  much competition you will have.  Type in the keyword phrase in Google, and see how many websites rank for those keywords.  Are there millions of results?  Also notice how many paid ads are along the right-hand side and top of the search results page.  If there are several, it is likely a valuable keyword which will convert.

Use one of the many keyword tools available to see how many people are searching on specific keyword phrases.  There are many tools available today (including Google’s Adwords keyword tool) that can give you a ton of information such as global and local search, how competitive the search term is, how many people use the term on a monthly basis, and more.

You can rank on page one of the search engine results for any given keyword, but if users arrive at your website to find the product, service, or information they are in search of isn’t there, how valuable is it to your company?  Not at all; in fact, it‘s absolutely worthless.

Consider using long tail keywords.  Often times people use “long tail” keywords when they are seriously searching for a specific service/product and intend to buy.  For example, someone searching for “shoes” is likely just browsing, whereas when an individual keys in “Nike athletic shoe size 10” is seriously considering making a purchase.  Simply stated, a long tail keyword is a longer version of a basic, general keyword that is more descriptive, usually three or more words long. 

About six years ago long tail keywords were considered HOT in terms of SEO; once all of the excitement died down, many forgot about this potential pot of gold.  However, they are still just as effective today as they were then, and are powerful for leveraging search traffic.  Overall, long tail keywords do have less search volume, but considering that it’s easier to rank for these keywords and the fact that you can develop keyword campaigns around numerous long tails for additional traffic, the final results will ultimately be more sales and conversions. 

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