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  Why Should You Apply Two Different Approaches for Keyword Research in SEO and PPC?

Posted by Kevinjcull on June 27, 2013

Many people believe that performing keyword research for and SEO or PPC (pay-per-click) campaign is approached in the same manner, but that actually isn’t the most effective way to go about it.  Search engine marketing experts know that by combining an effective search engine optimisation strategy and pay-per-click advertising campaigns, companies can become more visible to their target audiences, thereby increasing leads and sales.  However, the approach you use in choosing keywords for the two are substantially different.  How?

 Let’s take a closer look. 

Pay per click Search engine optimisation

 When you are researching keywords for an SEO campaign, it is important that you have an understanding not only of the keywords that people use in searching for your product or service, but their intent in using these keywords.  Keywords must be relevant to your business and audience, and have a high search volume (meaning people search using these keywords/terms frequently).  In an effective SEO campaign, research is performed occasionally so that you can refresh keywords whenever some become outdated, or there are new products, ideas, or technologies that have come to the forefront since you last performed keyword research.


With SEO keywords, you have a large margin for errors.  Should you use a keyword that simply doesn’t work, you can always choose another one that is more effective.  Additionally, because you don’t have to pay or “bid” on keywords for SEO purposes, you can use those that are highly competitive as well as long-tail keywords, so that your website may be found for many different phrases and/or key terms. 


Search engine marketing may seem a bit complicated, but it really isn’t that hard.  Let’s talk about PPC keyword research now, so you can see how it differs from SEO keyword research.


Where keywords used for SEO purposes can be a bit more general, those used in a pay-per-click campaign must be precise.  You are paying for every click, and you don’t want to throw your budget away on search terms that may be old, irrelevant, or simply ineffective. 


Another difference when researching for effective keywords for a PPC campaign is that you want to focus on “buying” keywords.  For instance, if someone is searching for a laptop computer, it doesn’t necessarily mean he or she is wanting to buy.  However, when someone searches using the keywords HP G60 Notebook PC, chances are they are in the market to make a purchase.  PPC keyword research is a bit more intense, simply because every click will cost you money.


Negative keywords are another area in PPC research, as you want to include those key terms or phrases that people may search for, but that you do not want your ads displayed for.


The bottom line is that SEO and PPC keyword research should not be approached as if both are the same, as they are very different.  As an experienced and trusted search engine marketing firm, our top priority is to help clients become more visible online and enjoy higher search engine rankings, which ultimately means more leads, higher conversion rates, and sales.

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