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  Is Internet Marketing Replacing Network Marketing?

Posted by Kevinjcull on April 5, 2013

Internet Marketing vs Network Marketing

While network marketing remains a viable way to make money, internet marketing is quickly gaining as the number one way to earn an income from the comfort of your home. However, it’s important to note that marketing on the internet encompasses far more than selling a product. All companies, regardless of the industry, product, or service offered, benefit from the support and expertise of an internet marketing company skilled in the strategies that work to reach visibility and success online.

What are the differences between network marketing and internet marketing?

Basically, the difference is that with network marketing, you build a team of people to sell products or services in what is commonly referred to as a “downline,” thereby increasing your income through others you have brought into the company. Through an entire network, (your downline, those your downline has brought into the business opportunity under them, etc.), you make money.

With internet marketing, you are selling products or services solely online, often through affiliates, email marketing campaigns, or JV (joint venture) partners. Essentially, you are building relationships in order to promote your products and services, rather than building a team made up of people who promote the business/product both online and off.


As a reputable internet marketing company, we do know that more and more people are turning to marketing their products and services online, rather than building a network made up of team members who all make money when someone in their downline makes a sale. While network marketing is indeed still alive and strong, there have been many scams over the years, causing many to refer to MLM (multi-level marketing, another term for network marketing) as pyramid schemes.


The fact is, the explosive growth of the internet combined with advancing technology in terms of mobile devices and social media has made it possible for companies all over the world to put their products and/or services in front of their target audience far more efficiently and easier than what is possible with network marketing. Whether your industry is real estate, law, medicine, cosmetics, naturopathy, health, weight loss, web design, clothing, fashion, jewellery, insurance or any other, promoting your company online is an effective way to gather leads, increase conversions, and enjoy more sales.


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