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  The Best Ways to Build a Brand Name Using Social Media

Posted by Kevinjcull on March 28, 2013

Build a Brand Name Using Social Media

Building a brand name is important to any business, particularly given the competitiveness today both online and off in nearly every industry. Consumers tend to trust brands they know well, versus those they have never heard of. What does a brand name do, really? It helps make your company/products/services memorable, and helps consumers identify with you, building your reputation, authority, and their trust in your business. So, how can you use social media marketing to build a brand name for your company? Here are a few of our thoughts.

Social media addresses two of the biggest challenges most business owners face today: money and time.

When you work during the daytime hours, it’s often hard to connect or network with others on a consistent basis. For many, a tight budget simply doesn’t allow for extensive advertising, so you must stretch your marketing dollars and make them work for you. For the most part, effective social media marketing can be accomplished without spending any money!

Here are a few ways to build your unique brand name using social media:

Use content to share your expertise. Content doesn’t always have to be promotional. Through your blog posts, articles, website pages and other content, you can share with the community about many aspects of your business, including your products/services, your employees, experiences, even your culture. Ultimately, you want to provide value to those in your community online.

  • Interact with members of your community. Social media marketing should not be used only as a promotional tool, but as a way of engaging and “connecting” with members of the community. Interact with your audience; answer their questions, extend solutions to those who are looking for them going beyond what your product offers. Show your genuine interest in their needs and problems.
  • Use social networks to share your products/services. Facebook is the most-used social media platform on the internet today, but others are effective in building your brand name as well. Google+, LinkedIn and other popular social media sites are all effective for networking with others. Provide links to your latest blog posts or new products, as well as overviews. By creating a strong bond and building trust, you will gain new customers – and those customers will recommend your company and products to their friends, which is really what social media is all about from a business standpoint.
  • Educate your community through updates. Potential customers are interested not only in your products and services, but news of what’s happening in your business. Share news of recent events or new products, promotions within your company, contests, give-aways, everything about your company that would attract interest. Powerful information and interaction with the community is the most effective way to build a lasting brand online.

Always keep in mind that if your only goal is to make money, people will run from you like the plague. Be transparent; truly care about those in your online communities and their needs. Let them see that there is a real human behind your company. Social media marketing is one of, if not THE best way to build your brand name online today!

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