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  Top 5 strategies for advanced link building to gain a competitive edge

Posted by Kevinjcull on February 26, 2013

Advanced Link Building Strategies

Not too long ago, marketers worked to gather inbound links from anywhere and everywhere; quantity was the goal rather than quality. Today, it’s essential to build links into the pages of your website, but they must be quality, relevant links. Google’s Panda and Penguin updates have changed the way we do SEO. What are the best strategies for advanced link building to gain a competitive edge for your business today? Here are five you should implement right now.
    • Use Web 2.0 to your advantage – Squidoo and HubPages are two Web 2.0 sites that come to mind. Write an informative, compelling article about your niche and place it on these sites, including a link or two back to your website using keyword-rich anchor text.
    • Get listed in business directories – Top link building services know that most directories designed more for link building purposes are a waste of time and effort. However, DMOZ and relevant business directories are good choices, as are reputable organizations, which are trusted and well known – Links coming from business memberships, accrediting organizations and other city and/or state government resources that are relevant to your product/service help build your site’s authority.
    • Diversify your anchor text – It used to be that marketers would use the same keyword phrase for anchor text in nearly every link pointing to their websites. Today, it’s highly effective to vary anchor text and include generic links such as “click here,” brand links, exact-match keywords, and partial-match keywords. It’s also recommended that anchor text in some links be the same as the page title you are linking to.
    • Create exceptional content – Informative, original content is what search engines and readers want today – and what better way to attract links? As experienced link building services providers, we know that today it’s not good enough simply to publish content on a regular basis. Your content must be engaging, unique, and REAL. Whether it’s an article, video, or blog post it should address a real problem and provide solutions. Content that stands apart and gets noticed is what will build amazing links!
    • Include these link sources – Social media, press releases and guest blogging are three excellent ways to build strong links into your pages. Google’s search algorithm now emphasizes social engagement, and press releases increase online exposure. Guest blogging on high ranking or authority blogs in your field is a great way to position yourself as an expert in your industry, and create valuable backlinks.
At SEO Service Pros, we understand that quality, relevant backlinks are an essential component of effective SEO. Our link building services allow you to grow your online presence and gain a competitive edge! Let us help take your online business to a whole new level.

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