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  Social Media Marketing Can Be Great for Businesses, or Disastrous

Posted by Kevinjcull on September 19, 2014

In the past few years, social media has become an essential component of many business’s overall online marketing strategies. Social media marketing can result in a huge boost in brand awareness and the success you experience online, or it can be done badly, ultimately backfiring on you. Today, customers know they can communicate with their favourite brands via Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. However, how you go about social media can either drive more business for your company, or alienate those who are fans or who follow you.


Below we offer a few tips to help ensure your social media marketing efforts result in success, and not in disaster.

– Make sure that your social presence uses the same “voice” as your brand, and that your posts/tweets are engaging in a way that only has a positive impact on your brand. Here is a prime example of what we mean by using your brand’s voice:

The CIA’s very first tweet ever claimed that, “We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet.” Clever!

– Another mistake companies make is plugging their businesses in conjunction with an event that is completely unrelated. For instance, you wouldn’t want to pose a question such as “How do you plan to celebrate Halloween?” and follow it up with “However you celebrate, don’t forget to take your antihistamine!” Your post or tweet may come across as confusing, or simply as an opportunity to “plug” your company even though it’s unrelated. This what you do NOT want with social media.

– Be sure you choose the right content for the medium. An ad in the local newspaper is great, but keep in mind that potential customers will have to access the Internet to go to your website. Also, you may want to make a few changes before you put the same content on Twitter that you put on Facebook or Instagram, considering Twitter will cut it off after 140 characters – which, depending on how the sentence is cut off, could be embarrassing.

– Don’t oversell in your social media marketing – let your sales team work their magic, while you build rapport with your audience. Be genuinely interested in your audience and engage; customers are more loyal even after the sale when you build relationships! Constant selling is a HUGE turnoff, and a big mistake when using social to build brand trust and awareness.

– How can you make sure the content you’re posting on social networks is suitable? Prior to posting, ask yourself how the information you are going to post will benefit your brand or your customers. Humour is great, but keep it in good taste. When sharing news items you find interesting, be certain it’s a topic your particular audience will care about.

– Proofread!!! Nothing makes a company look more unprofessional than a post that’s full of spelling or grammar errors. Not only does this make your company come across as unprofessional, it also makes it appear that you don’t care – otherwise, you would have had someone on your team proofread the content before posting!

One last tip: set up a schedule for your social media posts. There are certain days of the week, and even certain times of the day that it’s more effective for certain industries to post. Your goal should be to reach your largest target audience at the most optimal time of day. At the same time, you don’t want to overdo it, so limit how many times per day you engage via social medial channels.

At SEO Service Pros, our goal is to help businesses understand every component of a successful online marketing campaign, from SEO and content marketing to social media marketing. Let us help push you to the top of your competitors!

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