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  Content – the MOST Important Element of All in Your Online Marketing Strategy

Posted by Kevinjcull on September 6, 2014

If you are reading this article, you no doubt have heard the terms “content marketing,” “quality content,” and “content is King” more than a few times. What’s the big deal with content, and why, as our title claims, is it the most important element of all in your online marketing strategy? To sum it up in a nutshell, search engines love new content that is informative, engaging, and offers value to the reader – and so do the readers.


Let’s expand just a bit about the importance of great content.

In the past, search engines (including Google) based search engine ranking (how high a website ranks in the search engine results pages) on keyword optimisation and incoming links, for the most part. This meant that the results the user found were not necessarily quality, nor did they deliver the solution or information the user was looking for. Basically, many web pages were a lot of “Rubbish” which was text with a lot of keywords mixed in for the purpose of rank. The content wasn’t really that informative for users, and much of it was “rehashed” from other websites. The goal was to rank, not to engage the reader. Eventually, Google decided they wanted to deliver the most quality results to users, which is why content is SO important today.

Search engines are designed so that ordinary people can find products, services, and information

Google apparently had one of those “light bulb” moments when it became clear that users of the Internet should be able to find quality results, rather than useless rubbish written specifically for the purpose of making money – spammy websites, affiliate websites, etc.

Thus, quality, unique content became the God of the Internet, in everything from website pages, articles, and blog posts to videos, white papers, and social media. When you think of it, what is the Internet? It’s content, pure and simple. Whether you are reading a blog post, researching websites to decide who has the best gadget, or viewing a video, it’s all about content.

What does this mean for business owners and online marketers?

Outstanding content should be your primary area of focus whether you are building a website, writing an article for your blog, sharing your videos or posts on Facebook, or creating a video on YouTube. Create good content that informs and educates your reader, and even entertains – and do it often. The more quality content you create and share, the higher search engine rankings you will enjoy.

Here is a fact: Google “listens” to social sharing. If you create content that gets shared a lot or re-tweeted, Google takes notice. This must mean that your content is great in the eyes of the search engines. Even on your blogs, lots of engagement in the form of reader comments is a good thing.

Content that engages, informs, answers questions, or even entertains gets shared with others, and makes your visitors come back again and again. People don’t want to read the same old thing they read on dozens of other blogs or websites; they want originality, a fresh approach. When your content provides solutions and makes your reader think or want to read more, it’s good content.

Just remember one thing, and you will be successful. When marketing online, put the needs of your target customers first when developing your content, rather than focusing on making money. Keywords are still important, just be sure they are not your focus, and that creating compelling, interesting content IS the focus.

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