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  Does Your SEO Strategy Deliver the Right Traffic? How to Ensure Your SEO Hits the Mark

Posted by Kevinjcull on August 15, 2014

Does Your SEO Strategy Deliver the Right Traffic? How to Ensure Your SEO Hits the Mark

Every online marketer knows the importance of SEO for achieving a higher rank in the search engine results pages, and acquiring more traffic. The problem is, does your current SEO strategy deliver the RIGHT traffic, traffic that converts into new leads or paying customers? Having a high page rank is great, but when the traffic you receive isn’t the traffic that is looking for what you have to offer, it’s really a wasted effort.


At SEO Service Pros, we want to help you understand what it takes to make sure your SEO efforts hit the right target. Here are a few tips:

First of all, know who your target audience is. It isn’t enough to market to a general group of people, say women over the age of 30. For instance, if you market four different products, they may not all be for the same age group, or the same race or geographic area. You cannot approach SEO in a general sense; determine every specific segment of your target audience, so that you can implement your SEO efforts strategically for each segment. You may want to sell anti-aging creams to women over 40, acne products to teens or young people in their twenties, even skin care product designed specifically for men.

Begin with one segment, then move to the next. Trying to develop several different SEO strategies for each segment simultaneously can be difficult. You don’t want to be trying to focus in many different directions at the same time.

Keyword selection is critical to success

Once you have determined which segment you want to target first, it is time to select the keywords that potential customers will use when in search of your service or product. Many marketers look for the keywords with the highest number of searches, however this is not always the best approach. Long-tail keywords with fewer searches and less competition are often the “buying” keywords, so keep that in mind when choosing your key terms and phrases.

Think how someone in search of your product/service would think. For instance, if you sell New Balance running shoes, many looking for your product may search using the words, “where to buy New Balance running shoes at the best price,” or “New Balance running shoes for women.” It’s also vital to include local information such as city if you sell locally. So, a keyword phrase may be something like, “buy New Balance running shoes in Baltimore.” You get the point – simply using the keywords “New Balance running shoes” just won’t cut it when it comes to keyword selection.

Last, but not least, content marketing is a vital component of any SEO strategy today.

Content marketing includes website pages, blog articles, white papers, guest blogging, even videos. Your content should inform, enlighten, engage, and basically give the reader value. Does your content answer any questions your visitors may have? Does it position you as an authority, and demonstrate your genuine concern about meeting their needs? Post quality, original content often, and position yourself as an expert in the field. Useful, relevant content gets “shared” via social media, which further enhances your SEO efforts.

Put the suggestions above to use in your SEO strategies, and you will deliver the right traffic to your website, landing page, or offer every time. Need help with search engine optimisation, and developing effective strategies to attract the right kind of traffic? Contact SEO Service Pros today.

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