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  PPC (Pay-per-Click) – Increasing Returns and Optimising Customer Experience for Exceptional Results

Posted by Kevinjcull on March 22, 2014

As a business, it’s important to know that using PPC (pay-per-click) to promote your business can result in great success in terms of increased leads or customers – but it can also burn a hole in your pocket, or even result in your account being suspended if not done right. How can you increase your PPC returns and optimise for the best customer experience? These are two topics we will discuss below.

First let’s talk about how you can increase PPC returns. Pay-per-click campaigns have long been a way for companies to put their service/product in front of their target audience without having to wait for SEO efforts to eventually result in a higher natural, or organic ranking. When done correctly, PPC campaigns can deliver amazing results. One important aspect of a good campaign is the landing page; this is where someone in search of your product/service will “land” after clicking on your ad.

When someone clicks and arrives at your landing page, there are only mere seconds in which that person will either be compelled to stay, or will quickly navigate away. Your landing page should stress first and foremost how your company stands apart from competitors who are offering the same product or service.

Focus your landing page on only one offer. The fewer opportunities a visitor has to navigate away from your page, the better. Your landing page should be focused on a single goal, whether that goal is to make a sale or gather leads by having visitors sign up for a special deal or offer. Keep it simple, and include only one or two options for clicking to another page.

Creating PPC ads isn’t only about the customer or lead you are trying to attract; it’s about search engines, too. The higher quality your landing page, the lower the price per click, which means you can enjoy more visitors at a lower price. What are the elements Google and other search engines are looking for when analysing your landing page?

  • How relevant your ad is to your landing page
  • The value of the content and its originality
  • A privacy policy that is conspicuous – in other words, easy to find

Content Marketing and PPC

Content marketing has been the “buzz phrase” for a couple of years now, and is thought by many experts to be the core of all online marketing. Whether it’s a blog post, website page, article, press release, or video, it’s all about providing the user with the best possible experience through content that is valuable, informative, engaging, even humourous or controversial. Why should pay-per-click be any different? After all, your goal is to attract and engage a potential lead or customer in such a way that he/she won’t be compelled to go somewhere else, and will see your company as a trusted authority.

How do you create PPC copy that does its job and converts visitors to leads and/or customers? Appeal to their emotions and intent; be persuasive, and give the user the best experience possible. When writing PPC ads and landing pages for those ads, focus on customer experience and content optimisation. Make it exciting with verbs; include a call to action and attention-grabbing headlines! Most important of all, immediately convince your visitor that your product/service provides the solution they are looking for, a solution that is unique from your competitors’ in some way.

Will PPC advertising work for you, or burn up your advertising budget? Use the information above to your advantage, and make pay-per-click a smart (and profitable) marketing investment.

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