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  Social Media for Better Brand Awareness and Visibility

Posted by Kevinjcull on March 15, 2014

Social media accomplishes many goals for businesses, but one of the most important is building brand awareness. Building your brand is essential; a strong brand represents customers’ trust and their strong belief in your products and services. This awareness can easily spread far and wide today, thanks to social media and the astounding number of people who use it to talk about products, companies, and services – both the good and the bad.

How can you use social media to build your company’s visibility and brand awareness online? There are four components of using social media to accomplish your goal. These include reach, traffic, growing new audiences, and demonstrating your expertise. Let’s expand on each one a bit further:

Reach. Depending on which and how many social media networks you use, how far your company can reach is nearly without limit. For instance, if Facebook and Twitter are suitable to your industry and where potential customers congregate, your followers and fans can share your news and content with their friends and followers, who can again share – much like a domino effect.

Traffic. In order to build brand awareness, targeted traffic is critical; after all, growing your brand involves building a large base of customers who become loyal and recommend your products/services to others. Participating in social media helps increase traffic as you share links to your latest blog posts, news, updates, contests, etc. In addition, social media has become a vital component of SEO and can help your website rank higher, which again translates to increased traffic.

Growing a new audience. If your company is somewhat established, you likely have an existing customer base or audience. Social media makes it possible for you to gain a new audience consisting of those who perhaps have never heard of or used your products or services. By learning where potential clients who are in need of what your company has to offer hang out, you can use social media to engage, communicate, and promote your business. Social media makes it possible for you to participate in communities and communicate on a more personal, human level – which consumers appreciate.

Demonstrate your expertise and build yourself and your business as a trusted authority in your industry. The more you engage with others, the better they come to “know” you. Social media makes it possible to position your company as a trusted authority, one who is focused on customer needs and providing real solutions. Through answering others’ questions, addressing customer service issues, and sharing content on a regular basis that is valuable and informative, potential customers will begin to view your company as one that’s trusted and in some way preferable or superior to the competition.

Today, branding is more important than ever before. The Internet is a highly competitive landscape, however companies must go online considering the growing number of consumers who search the web for everything from products and services to information and answers to their questions. Certainly approaching a new type of marketing strategy can be intimidating, especially if you aren’t familiar with it. Learning the best approach involves trial and error, but once you have determined the best platforms for your particular industry, it’s important to develop a strategy and even keep a calendar with a schedule for posting and time set aside for engaging with your audience. Include social media in your branding strategy, and enjoy watching as your brand grows to levels you never imagined possible.

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