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  Yes, Content IS Still King – How to Use Content Marketing to Your Advantage

Posted by Kevinjcull on December 6, 2013

It’s long been said that content is king on the Internet, but today it’s more essential than ever before. Recently, Google’s many Penguin algorithm updates have caused many marketers to “re-think” their content strategies. The creation of content has changed drastically; no longer is writing a bunch of “fluff” filled with keywords effective. In order to reach success online, today’s content must be relevant, unique, informative, and provide value to the reader.  

Basically, high quality content will help your website rank well with search engines, and engage your readers who will want to share what they have read/learned with others. If you can accomplish this with your content, you’re well on your way to success!

Content IS Still King

So, how can you develop an effective content marketing strategy?  Here are a few tips:

First, determine exactly who you’re writing for, who your target audience is. Not only do you need to target a very specific audience, you need to write in a way that your readers understand. For instance, you may be a web designer, but most potential customers won’t understand language that is highly technical.

Craft content that addresses your readers’ needs and/or problems. Great content provides value to the reader; it answers questions, and solidifies your position as an expert. Before you write a web page or blog post, carefully consider the questions your potential clients want answers to.

Write in a way that engages the reader. Content should be compelling, leaving the reader wanting more. Consider how you can write in a way that captures the reader’s attention. Try to avoid being boring or mundane.

Include a strong call to action. Every piece of content should include a strong call to action; after all, if you’re delivering solutions or providing the answers potential clients want, they will be eager for more!  When you provide a clear and valuable message to your readers, conversions will increase substantially!

Now that you understand how to create quality content, it’s important to have a plan in place. What are the goals you desire to reach with your content?  How successful have your efforts been up until now regarding your email campaigns, newsletters, and articles (you can analyse this data through your email marketing services, Google Analytics, etc.). Would it be to your advantage to do a little market research so that you have a better grasp on what your potential customers need or want?  

Most importantly, set a timeline so that you avoid a hit-and-miss approach with your content marketing efforts. For instance, for the first three months you may want to write two blog posts per week, a handful of articles to place on relevant sites in your industry, and share your content/engage in social media on a daily basis. Perhaps you send out a weekly newsletter via email. Whatever you plan to do, check your progress after three months to determine whether your content efforts are accomplishing your goals, or whether you may need to take a different approach.  

When it comes to content marketing, knowing what seems to be getting a positive response from your target audience will help you generate future content that’s just as engaging. Yes, content IS still king, as long as it is written to educate, inform, and otherwise engage the reader.

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