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Monthly Archives: February 2013

  Top 5 strategies for advanced link building to gain a competitive edge

Not too long ago, marketers worked to gather inbound links from anywhere and everywhere; quantity was the goal rather than quality. Today, it’s essential to build links into the pages of your website, but they must be quality, relevant links. …

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  Online video advertising campaign ROI

Effective Online Video Advertising Campaigns Bring Good ROI Online, there are many methods which can be used to advertise or promote your business, both paid and free.  Video advertising is one popular and effective way many companies are connecting with …

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  How does the structure of your website affect its SEO?

When individuals want to learn more about search engine optimization or SEO, most of the information they find is related to either on-page or off-site SEO. However, the structure of your website is actually very important in terms of how …

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