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  Social Media, a Vital Component of Every Online Marketing Campaign

Not too many years ago, social networking was used mostly as a way for certain groups of people such as teenagers and twenty-somethings to get to know new people and “hang out.” Think MySpace, or even Facebook in its early …

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  Reputation Management – Key Tips for Managing Your Company’s Reputation Online

The Internet is a vast landscape; today, anyone can post their opinions and comments online, whether good or bad. Unfortunately, this can impact the trust in your company of existing and potential customers. All it takes to turn your stellar …

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  CRO – Conversion Rate Optimisation Equals Increased ROI for Paid Traffic

First off, conversion rate optimisation is just like everything else on the Internet today; it should enhance the customer’s experience. Online, it’s all about the customer! Did you know that CRO also means a bigger return on investment for the …

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