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  Social Media for Better Brand Awareness and Visibility

Social media accomplishes many goals for businesses, but one of the most important is building brand awareness. Building your brand is essential; a strong brand represents customers’ trust and their strong belief in your products and services. This awareness can …

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  Social Media Analytics – What it Means, and Why it’s Important

Today, social media is an essential component of any online marketing or SEO campaign.  Most marketers realise the importance of engaging in social media, but some don’t realise how important it is to analyse the results of their efforts.  Participating …

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  Do Twitter and Facebook Affect Organic SEO?

Organic SEO, or search engine optimisation, is what puts companies’ websites at or near the top of the search results pages when done the right way.  Recently, the way organic SEO is done has changed significantly thanks to Google’s Panda …

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