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  Redesigning Your Website: What Content Questions Should You Consider?

Does your website need a redesign? If so, there’s more to be considered than just your website’s overall look. You need to freshen your content, too. What questions should you consider – and answer – as you do so? 1. …

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  Social Media: Your Gateway to Engaging with “Media Influencers” and Increasing Your Brand Authority and Recognition

To make SEO work efficiently and build your brand authority and trust at the same time, you need public relations – not a public relations firm, but today’s cost-effective alternative to that, social media. Getting your name out there on …

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  Social Media Marketing Can Be Great for Businesses, or Disastrous

In the past few years, social media has become an essential component of many business’s overall online marketing strategies. Social media marketing can result in a huge boost in brand awareness and the success you experience online, or it can …

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